It began with a nutrition consultant asking a simple question.

“Where can my clients get good chocolate that is good for them?”

Dina Khader, MS, RD, CDN, MIFHI

Dina Khader, MS, RD, CDN, MIFHI

Dina Khader, MS, RD, CDN, MIFHI, asked herself that question five years ago, and then began asking a lot of other people.  Ms. Khader has been a sought-after nutrition consultant in Mount Kisco, NY for over 20 years, helping countless people lose weight and deal with serious medical conditions like diabetes, allergies, digestive issues, cardiovascular problems, and cancer, just to name a few.  She had found that many of her clients had trouble staying motivated because they never felt like they could reward themselves with something delicious without falling off of their dietary plans.  A lifelong chocolate lover herself, Dina found that chocolate was almost universally missed by those whose diets had been restricted.  Since chocolate itself is very healthy, she decided to find a chocolate she could recommend to all of her clients.  That task proved to be more challenging than she ever expected.

Nothing seemed quite right.

While there were certainly many different kinds of chocolate to try, Dina’s standards were impeccable.  The chocolate, first and foremost, had to taste great.  Good just wasn’t good enough; she demanded the best chocolate experience possible.  While there were many ‘healthy’ varieties of chocolate available, none seemed quite right.  Some had ingredients she couldn’t recommend, some contained cocoa of uncertain origin, some were filled with sugar or dairy products, and none of them tasted the way chocolate should.  She enlisted friends to help find the perfect chocolate, but to no avail.  Finally, a friend joked that if Dina wanted the perfect chocolate, she would have to make it herself.

An idea was born.

With that comment, a five-year obsession began.  Dina decided to create the perfect chocolate, combining healthy, top quality organic ingredients and unrivaled flavor.  Her extensive experience with food was put to the test as she devised various recipes, tweaking and fine-tuning them until the taste and texture were just right.  Finally, after two years, she finished her first chocolate bar, Dina’s Organic Chocolate Infused with Organic Japanese Green Tea.

Her clients demanded it.

As she introduced the new chocolate bar to her clients, the reaction was overwhelming.  It was exactly what they’d needed.  Finally they felt like they could have a snack they really enjoyed without losing sight of their nutritional goals.  And the taste!  Time and again, they kept saying the same thing: this was the best chocolate they’d ever had.

They kept coming back for more, and so did their families, relatives and friends.  Finally, Dina decided to make the chocolate available commercially, so that everyone could experience it.  Over the next few years, she developed new varieties, including Raw Almond, Goji Berry and Omega-3 Flax, as well as delicious dairy-free truffles.  The one thing that didn’t change was how much people enjoyed Dina’s Organic Chocolate.

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