74% Dark Chocolate with Omega-3 Flax

Getting Your Omega-3’s Never Tasted This Good

Flax is an important plant, full of fiber and an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

While the combination of chocolate and flax may seem incongruous, they actually make a perfect fit. We use ground sprouted flax, the best source of omega-3’s. By blending it into the chocolate, we create a chocolate bar that is incredibly smooth while slightly crisp. The flavor is full and rich, with distinct nutty undertones. The taste is warming and delicious, while the texture is fun and indulgent.

Available in 2 oz. bars and .2 oz bites.

Ingredients: Organic Dark Chocolate, (Organic cocoa paste, Organic sugar, Organic cocoa butter, Organic vanilla, Organic soya lecithin (non-GMO)), Organic sprouted flax. May contain traces of nuts and/or milk protein.

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