74% Dark Chocolate with Organic Goji Berries

When Great Chocolate Meets Delicious Goji Berries, the Result is a Chocolate Bar Bursting with Flavor

Goji berries are small shrub berries grown in southern China and the Himalaya mountains. Unmatched in antioxidant content, they have gained a reputation as a superfood for good health. They have a sweet, fruity taste and a plump, raisin-like texture when dried.

We liberally mix whole organic goji berries right into our 74% dark chocolate. The resulting chocolate bar literally bursts in your mouth, releasing the sweet taste of the goji berries into the chocolate as it melts on your tongue. It is a fun, lively combination that is guaranteed to please.

Available in 2 oz. bars and .2 oz bites.

Ingredients: Organic Dark Chocolate, (organic cocoa paste, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla, organic lecithin (non-GMO)), Organic Goji Berries. May contain traces of nuts and/or milk protein.

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