74% Dark Chocolate with Raw Almond Bits

A Classic Combination, Perfected

There’s certainly nothing new about mixing the light, nutty flavor of almonds with dark chocolate, but it’s never been done like this before.

We use organic, uncooked almonds for a full flavor that would be lost in the roasting process. We chop them into fine bits and blend lots of them into our organic 74% dark chocolate. The result is a chocolate bar that is both familiar and completely new. Nut lovers won’t want to miss this experience; they may never go back to conventional chocolate again!

Available in 2 oz. bars and .2 oz bites.

Ingredients: Organic Dark Chocolate (organic cocoa paste, organic sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla, organic lecithin (Non-GMO)), Organic raw Almonds. May contain traces of nuts and/or milk protein.

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